In this episode David and Mark discuss a recent photo meet-up which used famous artworks as inspiration, before moving on talk about the work of Hungarian-born photographer André Kertész. As always, the photos and paintings we discuss can be found on our Pinterest page for this episode.

The latest PhotoChilli meet-up, hosted in London by Mark, used randomly selected paintings and sculptures as inspiration – including Duchamp’s The Fountain and paintings by Gwen John, and Kees van Dongen.

Our conversation soon moves on to André Kertész, the Hungarian artist who pioneered photojournalism, influencing Brassaï and Cartier-Bresson. We chat about the the three main stages of his work, in Hungary, Paris and New York, and even touch on philosopher John Locke, ‘opportune magic’, small accomplishments and German photographer Ilse Bing (to whom we shall return).

To learn more about André Kertész, a good starting point is this 1983 BBC Master Photographers film about his life and work.

We hold regular photo meet-ups in central London, all levels welcome – see Meetup for details. For more information about us and forthcoming podcasts, visit the PhotoChilli website, or get in touch on Twitter.