Anywhere you like, within reason!

We’d love to capture you in your own environment, because usually that’s where you’re your most relaxed and it reflects your true self. But we know sometimes that’s not possible.

We have a range of photogenic central London locations if your base isn’t an option.

We can also photograph you in our studio if you prefer, but we tend to think a more authentic location benefits most businesses.

We’re based in south London, the wonderful East Dulwich, but we’re happy to work with clients throughout London and the South East.

If you’re outside Zone 4 there may be modest travel costs.

Styling, hair and make-up

Hardly anyone enjoys having their photo taken – we’ve all got physical aspects we feel self-conscious about.

But as experienced professional photographers who have photographed all sorts of people over the years, we know how to maximise your fantastic qualities and hide the things you don’t feel so good about.

We do this through a combination of things – choosing the best angle, the best pose, the best lighting and the best camera lens to suit you.

We’ll also advise on clothes and colours if you want.

We try to get everything right ‘in camera’, but we’re happy to do post-processing retouching – sometimes we all need a little extra Photoshop help!

Most people don’t need hair and make-up artists. What really makes the difference is an experienced photographer who knows how to light and present you.

But we understand that sometimes a little professional pampering can help you feel ready to present the best you to the world!

We can arrange for professional hair and make-up artists to help you achieve the look (or looks!) you’re after for the shoot – and normally at discounted industry rates.

We’ll discuss this with you in advance. Generally, something you feel comfortable in.